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 It's been a while since my last post and I guess nothing much has changed around my work or studies, but my private life is boiling HOT :D  It's quite intresting at the moment, but I kind of like it. I don't have too much free time, but when I have it, I like to spend it well! This year all my intentions to travel somewhere during the Easter holidays has shrunk to a minimum, due to the lack of unplanned projects with some nice payout, but I hope spring will pop to Riga anytime soon. My life has swithched to a really slow gear & everything I want to do or change at the moment comes really difficult. But I try to keep positive about it and everything happens for a reason. lately I see everywhere numbers like 11:11, 16:16, 13:13, 22:22 and so on. I would like to believe that this is true: " The repeated appearance of 11:11 on your phone or digital clock could mean you are in the holy flow of synchronicity. Lots of great things are happening all simultaneously — like surfing a great series of moments of life. ... “Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.”  If you like numbers and you believe that universe has a plan for all of us, then just check this site HERE
So I will trust the numbers, life the life slowly & enjoy this moment! I have my list of TO DO's :) I keep it close & when ever I will get a chance I will make them work.
This spring is full of fun new products and make-up trends, most of them You can follow on my Insta stories @laura_valuta or @befab_beauty  
In this make-up I used: 
GOSH Giant pro double liner
INGLOT eyeshadows: 300, 304, 351
Mascara: Giorgio Armani black ecstasy
Foundation: Lancome Teint idole ultra wear 02 & Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation nr 5
GOSH Liquid matte lips- nougat crisp 007
Eyebrows: Eylure  brow pencil nr 10 dark brown
Bobbi Brown higlighter - pink glow
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