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When there was a sun

Green grass and sunshine is a long gone history... Well it's getting colder and colder day by day. So my super cool Vagabond boots went to well deserved winter sleep till the spring sun will dry our streets. But now I can't decide on my winter boots. I kind of have 3 options.  
Moon-Boot ( already had 2 pairs) super warm, lightweight and perfect for Latvia's winter conditions - available price strarting around 100€ 
Moov boot - can't find where to buy them anymore :( ( had one pair) they were like rain-boots but with angora wool inside so I could wear those boots with no socks and still feel super warm. They were quite pricey around 300€ 
And now I am thinking about ZDAR boots. My ex boyfriend has them and they are super good and warm for Latvia's winter as well. They are pretty trendy as they has a design called " valenki" It's Russian style for footwear, ment for cold and harsh weather conditions. Average price between 100-200€ 

I wont consider UGG boots for Latvia, as we have too many salt, dirt and water during the winter on the streets. So they will look like a trash in no time. Oh, I almost forgot about my super dear & casual HUB boots. Super warm, but not sexy at all. I can wear these ones as well with no socks and feel warm. Price around 100€ 
Oh, and I don't even want to start thinking about winter coats... I want a parka, but my favourite brand costs a fortune. Maybe I can survive this winter with what I have on my hands.  :) 
Maybe you have some kind of a super warm winter boot suggestions? 

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Aijassecret teica...

I am considering on buying uggs...but in black color! I will learn from my mistakes, lets see how they will look after one season. :D I like your over the knee boots, they are really nice and suits you! :)

Laura Valuta teica...

OOO, UGGI. :) Uh, es ļoti labprāt dzirdēšu no Tevis info pēc ziemas :)
Paldies, garie zābaki ir fantastiski, VAGABOND ražo ērtus un stilīgus apavus :)

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