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Dare to be Different

Being different isn't a bad thing. It means you're brave enough to be yourself!

Maybelline Fit me 115, 130
Bobbi brown Nude finish powder - bare 
Maybelline Master strobing stick- 100 light
MAC blush: blush baby 

Urban decay eyeshadow potion - original
Maybelline The Nudes eyeshadow palette
KIKO MILANO eye pencil 410
KIKO MILANO Eyeshadow 213
Inglot duraline + Make Up studio glitter - rocket
MicaBella- loose eyeshadows - Thaiti
MAC mascara - Extreme 3D black 
Eyebrows: Christian Faye - dark brown
Lips: MAC - Cosmo amplified 
Urban Decay All nighter setting spray

I love to do a classic make-up, but I always add a twist. This time I went for emerald green shade un the bottom lash line, with a bit of a glitter in the centre. Got so many compliments on this look! :) Thanks to all who shared their love. This make-up took me a while & I used quite a few products. Not cause I had to, but cause I wanted to, so don't worry if you have just few of them. Don't copy, be inspired!
So weeks passes by, seasons changes and the year is coming to an end. I am quite scared and anxious about that, cause just a step after the new years eve is my birthday - a round one! I will be 30!
I start to think am I where I wanted or thought I will be by this time, and there comes a super huge NO! I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be. I never thought I will be blogging, or teaching at a school, or travelling the world. All of this is way better than I expected, apart from my longest wish - to be a young mom, never came true. It's already 10 years since I thought I will be mother, but someone up there has a different plan for me, a plan I can't control or force to happen. So I bet I should do a list what I really want to achieve in the first year of my 30th- so that year could stay in my memory as a year of strong choices and make it happen days!  I will call my list 30Xthirty :)
Do you do TO DO lists?  Or your dream lists?  Or any other kind of lists?
I'm a list person, I have a list of a men I've dated, I have a list of countries I want to visit, I have a list of a things I want to  do and quite a few more lists :) 

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Anonīms teica...

Ļoti skaists grims! :)
Un man gribētos domāt, ka dzīvē viss beigu beigās sakrīt savās vietās.

Laura Valuta teica...

Paldies, dzīvē noteikti viss skarīt savās vietās, tikai ir diezgan grūti akceptēt un pieņemt notikumus un darbības kā pareizas, ja pašam gribas kaut ko pavisam citu :)

Kristine Borhova teica...

Jā, man ir kolāža ar nākotnes mērķiem, sapņiem...Neticami, ka pa vienam viss arī piepildās :) Reizi gadā pakoriģēju ;) Varbūt taisnība, ka tas palīdz mums vizualizēt un reizē arī piepildīt to? Kā saka: "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Vai Fit me tonālais būtu gana labs kombinētai ādai? Ievēroju, ka tu bieži to izmanto savos grimos un izskats lielisks? Varbūt vari citu ieteikt?

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