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Today about Wella Professional EIMI DRY BAR
What's that? 
Thats a super cool service that is provided by Wella Professional team & EMI products +
other salons who are using Wella Professional products. U can choose from 7 different hairstyles
  • bohemian hairstyle
  • wet hair look
  • ponny tail
  • loose waves
  • braid
  • beach waves
  • curly hair
and it will be done in 15minutes - this way you always can look ready, in style and perfect before any ocasion, even if you don't have a time! That's SUPER COOL! :)
We all had a chance to try out this service. We came to the event with clean hair, chose the hairstyle we wanted to have and while drinking a glass of champagne the look was born in those promissed 15minutes. By the way-DRY ME is my super favorite product daily and when as well for my work - has saved me in unexpected situations, doesn't make hair heavy, doesn't make dark hair look grey & gives a super nice volume. It's similar to root shoot that was used in my hairstyle!
Ocean spritz was used in my hair to get that messy look and pearl styler to give my hair a healthy glow! This hairstyle I rocked for 3 days. First with open hair, second and third day with a messy bun. Braids always looks so amazing- I got so many complimets. :) 
I'm bummed that I can't make this kind of hairstyle for my self.. Tried but they doesn't look like I want them to look :/
Here you can see the NEW product range from Wella Profesional- OIL REFLECTION products.
About Oil Reflection products I will write a longer post a bit later. As they are completely new and I've been using them just for a short period of time. Anyway I really like the scent and how my hair looks after using these products- shiny, sleek and healthy- isn't this what everyone is looking for? So my first impressions about this line is super positive;) 
Few Reminders
  • Don't forget to wash your hair with a shampoo twice
  • *1st time takes of all the dirt
  • *2nd time clenses the hair
  •  use conditioner from middle of hair to the ends
  •  use hair mask only ONCE a week - 
  •  don't leave a mask in your hair over night- there is no point! 
Thank You Wella Professional for invitation I love all your events- they are amazing! more photos HERE

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