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3 minutes hairstyle with EIMI WELLA Professionals

Hey, loves! Im having so much fun when Im not working, enjoying every possible activities I can think of. Rollerskating, cycling, pokemon go ( yes, Me too), wakeboarding, running, partying. :) I'm trying to spend as much time as possible outside the house. But this means I want to spend less time doing my hair. So I grab two super cool products from Wella Professionals: EIMI BB cream Perfect Me to protect my hair from the heat and Dry me - to lift the roots and give a bit of a fullness to my hair.
  • Top part goes in a bun
  • Lovest part is curled with a hair straightener
  • Done in 5minutes
  • Good for activities, party, cinema, drinks and goes well with almost any thing. 

Available at: Frizieru serviss, Aroma24,

Wearing : MOSCHINO ( from ASOS
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Camille Sugar teica...

Kā man nepatīk šitās frizūras :D

Linda Haka teica...

Šie ir divi mani vismīļākie produkti,arī klientiem ļoti patīk! Vēl arī superīgs ir Sugar Lift apjomam un šķidrā laka,lai arī godīgi varu teikt,ka viss no šīs līnijas ir pirkšanas un iemīlēšanas vērts :)

Laura Valuta teica...

Tad netaisi ;) man ļoti patīk un man arī patīk kā citām skaistām meitenēm izskatās ;)

Laura Valuta teica...

Oo šķidrā, to neesmu provējusi. Sugar lift man tika lietots, kad veidoja frizūru un bija forši :))

Stuart Spindlow teica...

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