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TWO DOTS | Feline mascara by L'Oreal Paris

VOLUME MILLION LASHES Feline Mascara  with sensational millionizer brush will make your eyes wide open and bold. In shops from 1st of may, price: 16,49 eur

SUPER LINER Black’n’Sculpt with a dot in the end - helps to create fun and creative lines and make-ups! In shops from 1st of may, price: 11,49 eur

I really do love the eyeliner, it is fun to work with, I would be happier if it came in waterproof formula as well. As I like to create dotted liners and creative stuff, but you can't forget about them - they are not smudge proof. Mascara is nice as always, but I like previous Millions lashes mascaras more, this one is too casual. 
What is your current favorite mascara and eyeliner? :)
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