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Are you common with MAKE UP STORE products? No? Not Yet? Then keep on reading.

I'm familiar with MAKE UP STORE for quite a long time, the closest shop to my home is in Lithuania, but over all the company is born in Stockholm ;) By the way, before I knew who Linda Halllberg is, I already fell in love with this brand. But now I am constantly hoping to lay my hands on those amzing products make-up artists are using in their works. So during EXPO BEAUTY 2016 my only purchase was from MAKE UP STORE. I got glitter - rocket , metallic eye pencil in Romantic garden and Moon shadow - a versatile product that can be used as far as your fantasty goes :) I really love the quality and the product range of this brand :) The prices were pretty similar on all products I got- 17eur ) each) were glitter and moon shadow and 16 eur was the pencil :) I'm totaly in to green this spring :D
Latvinas can order products from HERE & on order over 50 eur U get a free shipping! Awesome!
Do you have your favorite make-up shade this spring? And maybe you have any products from Make Up Store and you can share your thoughts? 
Talk to you soon!
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Anonīms teica...

Acu ēnas izskatās ļoti skaistas un interesantas!

Laura Valuta teica...

Tās ēnas ir tik dažādi lietojamas kā sārtums, kā izgaismotājs, kā ēnas :) Man ļoti patīk :)

Zanda teica...

Man kādreiz kārojās tik daudzas lietas izmēģināt no Makeup Store, bet tad tas aizgāja prom no LV tirgus, bet vismaz ir prieks, ka to ir iespējams diezgan brīvi dabūt atkal. :)

Laura Valuta teica...

Jā, es ar priecājos, ka var tā diezgan ok pasūtīt! Gribas uz Zviedriju aizlaist, lai visu var pataudtīt ar :)

Used PC Exporter teica...

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