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Oh, well, I better tell this later, than never! SO, I have to say that H&M Beauty is a slice of heaven.
Why I am saying that? First of all- the range of make-up products is just beyond amazing, everyone will be able to find the right lipstick, pencil or eyeshadow shade for themselves. Second- there are products for body, hair, nails and many more. Third- you can find  even make-up brushes, fake lashes, make-up bags and presents to satisfy almost anyone. Plus all of this range is super wallet friendly. 
Eyeshadows cost 5.99, lipsticks 9.99 , pencils around 5 euros and foundation just 9.99 - And don't even dare to say that this is not cool. Recently I bought H&M eyelashes for 4.99 and they are super cool. Lipgloss package looks similar to OCC Lip tars :) and did I mentioned the pigmentation? NO?! How come- it's amazing as well- product quality is really high.
Have you tried anything from H&M beauty? I really want to get my hands on more liquid eyeliners, get few more eyeshadows, and sure I want to try press on nails
More about H&M beauty you can read in my previous post HERE ( post is in Latvian)
p.s. have you joined the world recycle week? Recycle old clothes at any H&M Store and get an extra discount on your next purchase ! Offer valid from 18-24th april! It is like my namadays gift :) Let's try close that fashion circle ! Love U!
PHOTOGRAPHY: Santa Kozlova
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Man no H&M ir viens izcils atklājums, un tas ir uzacu zīmulis. Ir citi produkti arī labi, tomēr tas ir īsts izcilnieks. :)

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