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OMG! Impossible is nothing!
So here I am together with other inspiring Latvian woman who can't live a day without a sport!
ADIDAS has created new, super cool shoes for running! PURE BOOST X! Well, I said it on my instagram and I will repeat it here- right shoes does matter! Running with these is a pure delight, feels like running trough clouds! Since I got them I am using them in the gym and the biggest difference I feel in running and then how steady and cofortable I feel in my leg days- doing deadlifts or squats or anything where I have to stand really strong on my feet. I would't belive but I wear them! And I assure- you have to check them out. Go to the store, try them on - and jump! That will be enought to feel how soft you land and how light it feels on a feet. And then let me know how did you feel after your first run in these babies! Cause I know U will be happy and I will see you hitting the road with these when the weather gets warmer!
We all are wearing PURE BOOST X  shoes and wearing 100% ADIDAS sports wear :) Those leggings I wear at the picture are my fave at the moment- they are so, so comfortable!
Do you like ADIDAS?

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