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TWIN SET Pearls and Roses

 When I saw this bag in the window of Twin- Set  Simona Barbieri shop - I knew I will get it. So my birthday was just that day when first thing in the morning I did- is went on a lovely walk to the shop to buy it!
Oh, I am so in love with it!  Perfect size- can put my wallet, Ipad, planner, phone, charger, hand cream and tangle- teezer. Or Wallet, Canon 600D with 50mm lens and phone, charger. What I want to say- that the size couldn't be even better. Love the rock/chic style. All those chains mixed with roses and pearls - I wore it already with a black elegant dress to the christening and I can wear it with leather jacket and jeans.  So versatile! And again, maybe sounds lame, but Italians are just amazing with design. :)
Now with a huge discount ( can't even watch U can buy it HereHere and HERE or HERE

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