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Simple, light, glowy, fresh, young and beautiful! 

Helathy, clean and glowing skin is the golden key to perfect make-up! 

As I wrote this I want to add that each new year is like a clean sheet. At least it is for me. I do not start everthing from the beginning but I do like to update everyhing to a new beginning. So as you see- my blog has a new design and I love it. A huge thank you goes to dear ALKSNE for helping me with this! She is such a doll! Love U babe! :)
As we return to new beginnings- I will write now in english as a base language and some posts will be both in latvian and english. 
I will write more about make-up ( return to my basics), will do more posts about fitness as I am moving forward to 2 years in a gym and a super sexy abs and butt :) I will try to write more about fashion and my personal style. As I think I've lost it at one point. 
Well and for sure I will challange my self in everyting I can- work, sports, travel, blog and so on. Will see how It goes and You all my dear readers will be the ones who will know everything as you follow my blog. 
I hope you all have set some goals to yourself, I did! 
Who runs the world?
Love You! Talk to you soon!
Kisees and hugs!

Photos: Anatoliy Yashchuk
Make-up: Laura Valuta for INGLOT LATVIJA
Model:  Катя Матераццо
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