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Recipe | Chocolate Cupcakes

I Love to cook and make tasty things! 
This time I made Chocolate cupcakes-  the recipe you kind find at the end of the post. As I don't have a stove at home, I was cooking at my friends apartment and I used already a pre-made product for cupcakes by HERCOGS. Well Just added more chocolate powder from CLIPPER, but the creamy top was made 100% by the recipe and is just beyond amazing . Everyone who tried them told that they are juicy, tasty and perfect, but when you eat two cupcakes in a row is quite enough to feel full.  These will be perfect for Christmas and New Years Eve :) 
Let me know if you try.

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Laura Alksne teica...

Tās bildes manam nabaga nepabarotajam vēderam nenāk par labu :D Izskatās sasodīti garšīgi! Noteikti uz svētkiem būs jāpamēģina :)

Laura Valuta teica...

Oi, vēderam tad ir traki :/ bet jāsaka, ka krēmu dekorēšanai var izmantot ne tikai uz kapkeikiem :) domāju, ka kūkas, tortes utt, garšos tik pat izcili :))

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