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I wish every monday would begin like this. With a super fun and positive event. Event was held in Hotel BERGS. The most exclusive hotel in Riga. Were I had a chance not only to meet all Latvian beauty bloggers but as well girls from Estonia and Lithuania :)  It was so lovely. 
Before the presentation we had super tasty vegetarian lunch. OMG..  could I please go back in time. And then we had a chance to smell, to touch and fell most of the new products that are made for Christmas time.
Products are amazing. I am a big big fan of LUSH cosmetics. First of all it is hand made and not tested on animals. Second the ingredients used in products are very carefully chosen. And I believe that paying higher price is so worth it when company believe in a better world and  maintains the environmental consciousness.

LUSH made it happen. I got my first Christmas feeling and my first gifts. Now I have a big beautiful box- full with bath bombs and bubble bars and I don't have a bath. ;(  Crying my eyes out. That felt like poring salt in my bruise. I Love to take bath and I love bath bombs. They all smell so amazing. 
Could Santa bring a bath this year? :) But at least I got a shower cream -Lord of Misrule ( I say yes to this baby) and a shower Jelly- Santas belly- that we had a chance to cut on a spot during the event :) By the way Shower Jelly is kind of a - MUST product- as you can freeze it in a freezer and then use in a shower in a various ways.

I bet You have favourite products too! Tell me about them ;)
Hugs & Kisses 

Photo : Kristaps Bardziņš

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