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The power of perfume is unmistakable. The right ingredients are essential.

Every women has her rituals and I am the same. I have quite a few of them!
I love to wake up in the morning, moisture my skin, have a cup of coffee, do my make-up, have a healthy breakfast and treat my body with a high quality products. The same I can say about evening, shower, restarting my mind,  body and soul with mind blowing scents. What are Your rituals? 

  • Nourishing, moisturising oil with a calming effect for body and soul
  • Can also be used as a nourishing oil for very dry skin
  • Enriched with calming White Lotus and nourishing Yi Yi Ren

Zensation combines Organic Rice Milk, a natural ingredient that nourishes the skin and leaves it silky soft, with Cherry Blossom, the Japanese symbol of purity.

A combination of the ancient Ayurvedic ingredients of Himalayan Honey - the perfect skin softener, and Indian Rose for a relaxing effect on body and mind.

Nourishing ultra-shine shampoo containing Indian Rose and Shikakai, which is also known as 'fruit for hair'. Brilliant Bliss intensely moisturises the hair, leaving it beautifully shiny and feeling silky soft.Combines Shikakai, a natural Ayurvedic conditioner that promotes healthy shine, with the relaxing properties of Indian Rose. Brilliant Bliss protects the colour of your hair, is ideal for daily use, and makes blow drying easy.

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Zanda teica...

Ļoti patīk Rituals kopjošie produkti! Esmu gan tikai lietoju dažas lietas, bet ir motivācija turpināt un atklāt jaunas lietas! ;)

Laura Valuta teica...

Ah, Es tad iesaku limitēto Ziemas kolekciju. Man dikti gribas saņemties un nopirkt " nevajadzīgas" dušas putas un super daŗgu sveci ( 19 euro), kas smaržo tā, ka galva sprāgst cik patīkami! Un RItuals ir dikti daudz foršu lietu. Bet patreiz all eyes on Ziemas kolekciju - dievīga!

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