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Bold doll eyes | Makeup look

Hey, my lovelies! I wanted to start my nameday with  a super cool and fun make-up post I did recently! :) I love those bold and crazy make-up looks. Just they take a bit more time and more products to create! :) Oh, my life lately is more than crazy... Everything fits in my life just fine appart from dates and seeing a man. So here starts all the problems... as well here, I even can't write and share everything I want cause it is so easy accesable to read. Well, therefore I won't go in details, but will say that I can't manage to fit relationships in my shedule. I would like to, but I can't - maybe cause I'm so used to be alone, maybe cause I am so stubborn, maybe cause I hate to be controlled or maybe there is just something wrong with me. I can't find a good excuse or reason why I should try to find more time that I could spend with a man. Probabbly sounds so strange, but Im not bored with myself, I have so many things to do... I even can't find a free time to finish a book I started to read in January...  I feel a bit ashamed that for 800 pages I need 4 months or more to finish a book. By the way it's classic and super interesting - Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron. Highly suggested for everyone - tales varies from erotic, through jokes to life lessons and many more. This is a very valuable piece of literature.  So, this being told, I have to say that I can't just wait for a propper spring to start. My weekend was nice - saturday a bit of work, a bit of Uni and my godsons 7th birthday paty was just awesome. I love my family so much! p.s. my godson is my sisters son :) And today I went to try archery and airsoft guns... I think I am more in to archery - it's fun but really hard in a physical way. My hands were shaking so much. Will try it for few more times and maybe I will find myself a new hobby - who knows... :)
How was your weekend?  I hope it was nice!
By the way as you know- U can follow my everyday life on my SNAPCHAT: @lauravaluta
p.s. all used products will be mentioned in upcominh post where I will show how to do curly hair ;)

9 komentāri on "Bold doll eyes | Makeup look"
  1. Tev fantastiski izskatās šis krāsu salikums!

  2. Daudz laimes vārda dienā :) Kā vienmēr skaista un koša :)

  3. Yes! Smuki, koši, pavasarīgi! :)

    Pievienojos apsveikumiem! Daudz laimes, Lauru! :*

  4. Tik kolosāli izskatās! It īpaši kopā ar tām tumši zaļganām lokām.
    Žēl, ka uz manām acīm to rozā nemaz nevarētu redzēt :(

    1. He he, netīšām ar matiem saskņojās- šķiet, ka man zaļa dikti mīļa krāsa pašlaik :)

  5. Ļoti skaists grims, un pievienošos sakot, ka šī krāsu kombinācija Tev neizsakāmi labi piestāv :)


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